The Musicke CompanyeProgrammes - Non-choreographed

O Bone Jesu

Sensual songs and duets to the Virgin alongside daring instrumental works.

Handel and Companye

Virtuosic music from Handel, his rivals and contempories.

Music For A While

Cheeky songs, operatic arias and virtuosic keyboard music for counter-tenor and harpsichord.

Bass Desires!

The tantalising combination of cello, harpsichord, theorbo and mandolin.

What passion cannot Music raise and quell!

Revenge, despair and ecstasy for soprano, cello and harpsichord.

A Feast for the Senses

Glorious music for cello and harpsichord.

'Sound thy loudest Trumpet Fame'

Spirited, patriotic and exuberant music for soprano and trumpet.

'Jauchzett Gott'

Glorious music from some of the greatest composers of the baroque age.

'Stabat Mater'

Pergolesi's masterpiece.