"One of the most gifted and more musically intelligent of all the early music groups currently before the public."

Musical Opinion

"the members of The Musicke Companye have conquered the hearts of the St. Mark's Festival audience, giving a concert that will surely remain one of the Festival's highlights."

Jutarnji List, Zagreb

"The continuo playing is a delight - a wiry bass line from the cello [...] and stylish realisations from Helen Rogers who also dashes off a fluent account of 'The Harmonious Blacksmith'."

Early Music News

"I thought Philippa Hyde's singing outstanding - gorgeous tone, superb clarity and a lovely freshness of sound."

East Anglian Daily Times

"Not only did she (Philippa Hyde) have a beguiling stage presence and pure vocal tone, but she was able to impart passion into the music."

Early Music Review

"The Musicke Companye clearly have a passion for communicating their music."

Leicester Mercury

"An admirably enjoyable concert, of consistently high quality."

Musical Opinion

"The sensual beauties of Venetian baroque music were delightfully realised by this ensemble of baroque specialists ... the whole concert had a quasi-theatrical dimension, with the use of carnival masks and the dramatic enactment of operatic solos and duets."

Huddersfield examiner

"There could have been no better prelude to Christmas then the evening spent with The Musicke Companye."

Seaton Midweek Herald

"I am writing to thank you for the most enjoyable concert that you performed for our Society last Friday. Everyone has been most enthusiastic and full of praise for the wonderful evening's entertainment."

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